Metal Bulletin Iranian Iron Ore index

Iron ore prices have broadly stabilised over the past few days after the battering they took last week. Iranian iron ore prices reflected this and actually held up better than those of some other origins. This shows in the differential to the MBIOI-62 which, after widening quite significantly last week, narrowed this week to $4.59/t.

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International Exhibition of Mine - Iran ConMin 2015

Eleventh International Exhibition of Mine "Iran ConMin 2015" with active attendance of Fakoor Meghnatis Spadana as the exclusive agent of Steinert


Iran ConMin 2015 was held with the assistance of Iran Mine House, Palar Samaneh Co. and German Fair Company "IMAG" in Tehran International Permanent Fairground on Oct. 17th – Oct. 20th 2015. Simultaneously 12 workshops were held at showroom number 10.


Steinert Company is an authentic producer of separation equipment which is widely used in recycling and mineral processing industries. More than one hundred years ago it started working. 


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workshop on hybrid flotation and circular pelletizing technology

One-day workshop on hybrid flotation and circular pelletizing technology


Primetals, communally made up of Siemens, Mitsubishi and Hitachi companies, is one of the most expert companies in the field of offering mining related solutions. Enjoying about 60 years of experience of these three companies at metallurgy and mining engineering, besides employing 900 experienced expert staff all over the world, it aims to improve mining technologies in Iran. Hybrid flotation and circular pelletizing technology workshop, as well as other Iranian and foreign workshops, was held on Oct. 1st.

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Fourth Annual Iran's Mines and Mining Industries Exhibition

The 4th Annual Iran's Mines and Mining Industries Exhibition was held on Sep 29th-Oct 1st in Mosalla of Tehran. The exhibition, which was carried on by Iran Mining Engineering Organization and Arka Hamayesh Pars Co, held on from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for three days; with economic actors and mining industry producers' participation. The conference on Investment Opportunities in Iran's Mines and Mining Industries was also carried on. In order to improve the quality of the exhibition, some workshops were arranged on 2nd and 3rd days. FMS together with Primetals Co. arranged "Flotation and circular pelletizing technology" workshop.

As well as statesmen, more than 600 of managers, experts and actors in the area of mining attended the opening of the exhibition. This exhibition has increased 30% toward previous years. 

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Localization Exhibition of Gol Gohar Mining & Industrial Co. parts to be held shortly

Executive manager of GolGohar Sirjan Mineral and Industrial Company, Naser Taghizadeh, announced that the exhibition of equipment and machinery needed for the company and subsidiaries will be held in the government week.

In line with the Supreme Leader’s intentions and the president’s emphasis on products and technologies localization, GolGohar mineral and industrial company is going to hold an exhibition at the International Exhibition of Kerman, said the CEO of the company.  

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