Rotary gate

Rotary gate

Rotary gate is designed with a new mechanism and is used to open and close the exit path of material flow at the end of hoppers, silos and chutes and has the ability to be used in harsh conditions, high temperature and all kinds of materials with different dimensions and hardness.

The use of this type of valves in pelletizing plants has always had many challenges due to the unfavorable environmental conditions, so that in most cases, due to inefficiency, the equipment is removed from plants in a short time and becomes unusable. By observing this problem, the design department of FMS put the design of an equipment with an optimal mechanism in its agenda and finally succeeded in designing an equipment with an innovative mechanism that has good performance and long lifetime.


Can be used for spaces up to 15 meters high

Temperature tolerance up to 150 degrees Celsius

Power efficiency

Easy repairs and maintenance due to the separation of all its six faces

The ability to install all kinds of control switches to adjust the gate and the output load

Rotary Gate fms01
Rotary Gate fms03
Rotary Gate fms02

This equipment was designed for the first time in Iran by the design unit of FMS company with a practical function for Pamidco company.