This equipment is usually placed after each crushing step and controls the crushed materials. In the crushing plants, a screen is used to classify  particles from coarse to fine. The most important parameter of Screen spring is the Screen orifice, which varies according to the needs and desired stage.


The efficiency of plants plays an important role in the overall efficiency of the plants and other crushing equipment, because if plants is disturbed, it will be disrupted and:

1.Some of the finer minerals from screen spring will be re-crushed
2.Some of the coarser materials are transferred from the Screen spring to the next stage.

Screen applications

In general, screens are used to categorize and classify materials. Screens are divided into several categories based on the conditions and dimensions of minerals. According to the need and wide dimensions of mineral materials, they design the screens as one or more floors, they are able to classify a wide range of material (from the size of 700 mm to 75 microns-high frequency).

Application of screens in different industries

Mineral processing industries

Chemical industry

Construction industry

Sand mines

Food industry

Agriculture industry

The driving force of screens is divided into several parts depending on the type of mineral, capacity and process stage.

Shaft and crank

Engine unbalance


Type of equipment

There are different types of sanders depending on the purpose of the sanding process and the different stages of the process.


  • Scalping Screen

To separate coarse materials

  • Sizing Screen

To produce specific sizing from the mixture of input materials

  • Washing Screen

Including spraying water on the materials, to wash them or help sizing

  • Dewatering Screen

To separate water from materials (with a negative slope to facilitate the dewatering process)
To separate small or waste materials from materials that have already been processed
The freezing process is done in two ways, wet and dry, depending on the next steps of the process.

fms screen
IMG 0452
IMG 0450

The most common industrial screens

  • Grizzly drills (they are considered primary drills and are effective for materials with very large dimensions of 350 mm and dry)

  • Vibrating screens (it is the most widely used type of screens, which has a wide range of particles from 75 microns to 350 mm and is used in both dry and wet types)

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