Mineral processing lines

Mineral processing lines

The greatest mineral potential of the country includes iron ore, copper, lead and zinc, each of these resources is extracted in a different way.

Copper, lead and zinc processing

In general, flotation is the best method for processing sulphide minerals such as copper, lead and zinc. First, the minerals are directed to the grinding plants after the crushing stages by the crushing plants; After the softening operation (about 100 microns), the existing pulp is transferred to the flotation plants. In the concentration plants, using flotation cells and chemicals (collector, arrester, regulator, frother, etc.), the target mineral floats and waste The process is then transferred to Thickener and tailings dam for dewatering.

Iron ore processing

The method of magnetic separation is the main method of beneficiation of iron ore. Iron ore processing is transferred to the concentration stage after a crushing and granulation stage, which can be achieved by using one or more stages of magnetic separation with different field intensities. In case of presence of disturbing elements such as phosphorus, sulfur and Silica in the final concentrate, a flotation step is also needed. The resulting concentrate is finally transferred to pellet production factories.