optimizing concentrate lines


optimizing concentrate lines

From the first half of 2019, due to the group’s experience and capabilities in manufacturing and supplying related equipment in this field, the issue of optimizing concentrate lines in order to increase production and improve the quality of the final product of customers’ factories was taken into consideration. Currently, production projects Concentrates have reached the activity stage in the majority of high-potential mines in the country. On the other hand, the economic situation governing the society, the problems caused by global sanctions and the need to create sources of income in the country and prioritizing the industry based on the jump in production in 2020, indicate that there is interest in development projects and repair and restoration of lines. It will become very important for employers in the coming year.

In this regard, the status of potential optimization projects in the concentrate production factories of the country’s large iron ore companies and based on the capabilities of Fakoor Meghnatis Group is examined.

Regarding the situation related to the concentrated factories of small companies, considering that in these projects the production capacity is much less and it requires spending more time and more detailed field visits, so the cases require detailed investigation and optimization.

At first, a study is done on the existing line. After the preliminary review, a proposed plan to modify and optimize the lines will be presented along with technical and economic studies. Applicable optimizations are implemented based on the equipment of Fakoor Meghnatis company and using the knowledge available in the collection. For this purpose, the process of optimization and preparation of technical and economic studies is carried out by using native software designed within the collection.

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