Iron ore processing

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Iron ore processing

The main method of iron ore processing is magnetic methods. The iron ore extracted from the mine is transferred to the concentration plants after crushing and granulation. In this step, after grinding, the softened materials are pumped to the magnetic separation section.(Dry method is usually used in iron ore processing in areas where there is a water problem and the primary grade of the mineral is high).

Next, after the magnetic separation stage, if the desired iron concentrate contains a significant amount of disturbing elements such as phosphorus, sulfur and silica, an indirect flotation stage is used to remove these elements.

The final iron ore concentrate to charge the furnace must be converted into pellets in the Pelletizing process. In the pelletizing stage, after adding water and other additives such as soda and bentonite, etc., the process of making pellets is done using equipment such as pelletizing disc.

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Plants equipment for the production of iron ore concentrate and pellets mainly includes the following:

Magnetic separator including low Intensity (LIMS), medium (MIMS) and high (WHIMS) and HGMS


Flotation cells

Pelletizing disc

Roller screen

Roller feeder