The tests that can be performed in FST are divided into the following according to the customer's needs:

Feasibility and Initial Tests

Experiments Designed and Final Tests

Optimization Tests

Feasibility and Initial Tests

In this type of experiments, the only purpose is to investigate the magnetic properties and flotation of the mineral sample by placing it in different magnetic fields and examining magnetic and non-magnetic products in magnetic separation, as well as the use of different chemicals as collectors, foaming agents, arresters, regulators and The separator is separated by flotation.

To perform these tests, different types of drum separators of low intensity and medium intensity will be used on a laboratory scale. In the above experiments, technical and economic issues are not fully considered. These types of tests require less time and cost compared to design tests. In the above tests, in order to determine the amount of sample required to perform the test, it is necessary to know the grade of the input load, the type and amount of gangue, the distribution percentage of the valuable mineral, the minerals with the value (By Product), the granularity distribution of the initial load and the degree of freedom of the valuable mineral.

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Experiments Designed and Final Tests

In this type of tests, which are performed after the feasibility tests, by knowing the magnetic properties or the primary flotation of the mineral, additional information such as the amount of definite reserves, the input grade, the annual production rate, the type and amount of gangue, the percentage of valuable mineral distribution, the mineral Values (By Product), material size distribution of the initial charge, moisture and degree of freedom of the mineral with the obtained value are required to determine the complete properties of the mineral and the amount of weight required to have an average sample.

Also, the customer’s goal of processing the above sample (optimum grade and recovery), the amount of investment power, the amount of access to consumed energy (water, electricity, gas and diesel fuels), the type and amount of access to the mineral, similar processing operations carried out in the regions Around, the existing limitations in terms of natural resources and environmental protection are also specified, then final tests are done on the sample, and finally, based on the results, the processing line is designed and the equipment is selected.

In other words, the technical and economic review is done in a comprehensive and complete way in this type of tests, so magnetic separation tests will be done by means of pilot magnetic separators. Also, the flotation tests and the flotation ability check will be done considering the return flows and in a closed plants, so that a more detailed examination of the process parameters such as grade and recovery can be done.

Cost and accuracy parameters in this type of test have higher levels than feasibility tests. Considering the importance and sensitivity of these types of tests, more time and precision are needed in the above tests and, accordingly, they have a higher cost.

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Concept Design



Optimization Tests

These types of tests are performed to optimize the current conditions of the processing lines to increase the efficiency of the processing line consisting of recovery and grade as well as the production capacity. These types of tests are next to feasibility and design tests. In the above tests, it is necessary to obtain information about the amount of definite reserve, input load grade, annual production rate, type and amount of gangue, percentage of valuable mineral distribution, valuable minerals with products (by product), distribution of primary load granularity, humidity and degree of freedom. Valuable mineral is also the target of the customer from the processing of the above sample (optimum grade and recovery), the amount of investment power, the amount of access to energy consumption (water, electricity, gas and diesel fuels).

Laboratory facilities of FMS Laboratory

The processing laboratory plays a key role in developing innovations and finding new solutions. The results of processing tests are the main basis in economic calculations of return on investment.FMS Lab has the following departments:

Mineralogy Laboratory
Mineral Processing Laboratory
Dewatering and Thickener Testing Center
HPGR test center
Chemistry laboratory
Mineral processing pilot plant
Metallurgical laboratory and its pilot plant
Processing plant support unit

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