Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor

Material handling is a very important process in most plants and production lines. Conveyor belt is the most common method among all material handling systems, which is usually used to transfer bulk materials between zones or depots.

Important features of the belt conveyor

  • Low initial investment cost

  • Reliable (in terms of continuous operation, it works without interruption continuously)

  • Reduce human mistake

  • Safe

  • Reduction of manpower

  • Unlimited capacity

Although material handling equipment does not have high technology, but they play a very vital role in the production process, so that if one of these equipments is out of order, the entire production process will stop.

belt conveyors

Belt conveyor applications

Belt conveyors were generally used in all industrial factories. Below are the most important applications of belt conveyors in different industries:

  • Mineral processing industries
  • Steel industries
  • Agriculture industry
  • Sand mines
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture industry

Types of belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are divided into three categories depending on the purpose of the process and the morphological conditions of the region:

  • Double-sided conveyor
  • Vertical conveyor
  • Conveyor shuttle
  • Tripper conveyor
  • Elevator bucket
  • Screw conveyor
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Considering the environmental conditions and 24 hour usage in mines, all the parts and components of the belt conveyor, including the drive unit, rollers and pulleys, are supplied and produced with high quality for the staff in the most difficult conditions. The belt conveyor depends on the type of material, temperature, capacity and the dimensions of the particles are designed in different types. The most important characteristics of the belt conveyor are the type of belt, pulley drive, and the characteristics of the electric motor.

FMS is into the field of designing and manufacturing belt conveyor since 1992 by using the latest equipment and experienced experts. The needs of the industry are in different sizes and capacities for different processing plants and mines.

The belt conveyors produced in this company are of different types, and all sizes are from 650 to 2000 mm, and smaller and larger widths are available if needed.