Belt drum separator


Belt drum separator

Belt drum separator, as a dry magnetic drum separator, is used to separate coarse iron ores over 10 mm in size within various field intensities. The shock absorbing belt in feeding place causes energy depreciation sprung from coarse material stroke on the device, and protects the magnetic drum from any damage.

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In magnetic belt drum separator, a belt (shock absorbing rubber) is used to protect the drum against the stone strokes. Iron ores are fed to the belt by feeder, and exposed slowly to magnetic field when the stroke reduced. Separation, accordingly, is accomplished through absorption of iron ore particles within magnetic field, leading to recovery increase. This drum is usually used in cobbing stage.


Capability of separating coarse iron ore with maximum dimension of 350 mm

High efficiency in iron ore separation

Magnetic arrangement design based on the customer needs (preprocessing, grading, purification);

Ease of use

Wide range of magnetic field intensity up to 4000 gauss

Adjustable to achieve optimum recovery and grade