Cone crusher


Cone crusher

cone crusher is a modern high performance hydraulically adjusted crusher which is the result of intensive research and development of the crushing and mechanical design.

Cone crusher

The ZROg 846M cone crusher boasts significantly improved performance, capacity and installed power, while at the same time retaining the reliability, excellent product shape and high set under that is an industry benchmark. The brilliant design uses a heavy duty hydraulic cylinder to support the main shaft; this feature combined with the significant flexibility of our automatic control and monitoring system allows easy and automatic crusher setting and crusher utilization optimization and monitoring during operation.

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Ease of operation and maintenance coupled to the aforementioned features positions the ZROg 846M as a state of the art, cost efficient, modern cone crusher with advanced performance. The ZROg 846M cone crusher has a large clearing circuit, and is designed to safely and quickly allow uncrushable materials to pass, avoiding costly damage and associated downtime for repairs. The use of a single bowl for all liners over its range of operation helps reduce downtime and inventory costs while allowing optimum versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in any aggregate application.

The ZROg series of cone crusher has a wide field of use as it can easily be matched to changes in production through the proper selection of crushing chamber and eccentric throw. Our cone crusher is ideal for secondary and even tertiary crushing.

Application Cone crusher

Ore crushing in metallurgical plants

Production of ballast and chippings in the natural rock and gravel industry

Ore mining

Refractory industry


Advanced technology means highest outputs, low operating cost, minimum maintenance, simple operation and maximum safety.

High crushing degrees

High throughputs

Simple crusher operation with optimum efficiency

Low operating and wear part costs

Large main shaft resilience stroke

Optimum life of crushing members