Sorter is an equipment that can detect the atomic mass of minerals and separate them using X-rays. Sorter is a completely advanced equipment that is used in the mineral processing industry as an equipment for separating minerals based on chemical and mineralogical properties.

In the mineral processing industry, the consumption of energy, chemicals and water to extract one ton of mineral is very important. Therefore, in order to optimize energy consumption and costs in processing plants, minerals must be pre-processed by various methods before processing; In this case, the minerals are separated from the rest of the materials and transferred to the processing stage. In this case, the volume of minerals that must enter the processing stage is reduced, and this has a significant effect on saving chemicals and energy.


Each mineral is unique in its own way and they are classified in different categories in terms of chemical properties, specific gravity, and magnetic properties. In order to pre-process each mineral, an appropriate method must be chosen based on the difference in their properties.

Common pre-processing methods

  • Gravity methods
  • Magnetic
  • Sensor sorting
fms sorter


A sorter is an equipment  that can detect the atomic mass of minerals and separate them using X-rays. This equipment (sorter) can separate the mineral material from other materials without considering the thickness, dimensions and shape of the mineral materials by using dual energy.

This equipment is usually placed at the beginning of dry material handling systems on the belt conveyor. The dual energy (high level and low level) gives this equipment the power to use high level energy for thicker and denser materials and low level energy in other cases.

As the first Iranian company, FMS succeeded in using this equipment in the copper processing production line of Meskavan Abbas Abad located in Shahrood city; As a result, the grade of incoming copper was upgraded from 0.038 to 0.048.