Housing drum separator


Housing drum separator

Housing drum separator is used to separate fine iron ore in various magnetic field intensities. The exhaust fan system can be installed on this equipment.


This machine is designed for dry separation of iron ore particles below 20 mm. The machine consists of a fixed magnetic set encompassed by a rotating steel housing. A feeder supplies the machine. Being exposed to magnetic field, Iron ore is then separated from the tailing. Efficiency and grade of the equipment can be set with the parameters like rotation speed, place of separator blade, and feeding rate.  


Highly adjustable for process settings to improve recovery and grade

Magnetic arrangement design based on the customer needs (preprocessing, grading, purification)

High efficiency in iron ore separation

No need for water

Preventing dust from egression through the surrounding chamber of drum separator (housing)

Wide range of magnetic field intensity up to 6000 gauss

Service and maintenance with minimum cost

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